Snapchat partners with Netflix to launch a ‘first-of-its-kind’ 3D world lens

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Well, popular social media app Snapchat has now teamed up with Netflix to launch a ‘first-of-its-kind’ 3D world lens to promote the Oct. 27 release of the highly-anticipated series Stranger Things Season 2.

Just to recall, Snapchat had actually unveiled the world lens feature in April 2017. At the time the company had said that the lenses (and the images in them) moved and changed according to the user’s movement further making them more interactive. Now Snapchat has created a portal Lens, which enables users to enter into another world using their smartphone.

Basically, we are looking at a sort of AR experience. The app users will be able to move around, encounter surprises, and see out the door back into the real world. All Snapchatters, regardless of phone or OS, will have access to a face Lens that will take users into an Upside Down version of Joyce Bryers’ living room through an augmented reality doorway.

Users will be able to access the experience by literally walking in and out of an actual portal door that appears in front of them once the lens is unlocked, or directly be transported into the living room through a gyroscope lens.

Users can further tap the lens to experience the various elements of the room, from the floral wallpaper and striped couch to fairy lights, alphabet graffiti, and a gaping hole in the living room wall. They can also walk around the room to find and interact with various easter eggs. The series’ theme song plays in the background.

However, as part of the campaign, Netflix and Snapchat have also linked up with Shazam. So by using Shazam app users can unlock the Lens by scanning the Stranger Things theme song whenever it plays.

According to Business Insider, the two different versions of the experience is live now and that it will be available in 10 markets globally, including the U.S., UK, and Australia.


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